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Richa Chadha Again In Controversies Because Of Madam Chief Minister

Richa Chadha is not only a versatile actor but also a fierce and brave person. She never thinks twice before speaking her mind. She is not only expressive about her views but also appears to be standing for the right. The controversial actress is again in the limelight because of her upcoming movie ‘Madam Chief Minister’.

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The controversy took a bad turn soon and the actress started receiving death threats. When it comes to politics, even a small mistake can turn into a big storm, that is what happened when the Poster of Madam Chief Minister was misinterpreted.

Madam Chief Minister Portraying The Wrong Image Of Dalits?

Director Subhash Kapoor’s upcoming movie Madam Chief Minister came into highlights after the release of the movie’s poster. The word- ‘Untouchable’ was used in the poster with the image of Richa Chadha in a fierce look holding a broom in her hand.

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Soon after the release of this poster, Twitter and Instagram was flooded with hate comments against the actress. People started criticizing the actress for stereotyping the Dalit community, hurting people’s sentiments.

Actress Richa Chadha Received Death Threats 

Soon after the release of Madam Chief Minister, Richa started receiving threats full of violence. While some politicians threatened the actress to cut her tongue, while others threatened her to death. Bhim Sena leader, Nawab Satpal Tanwar also made a statement that the release of the movie will have terrible consequences.

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Richa’s Reaction On The Controversy

Actress Richa Chadha is known for her boldness in movies and real-life as well. Everyone knows that she is a person without any filter. When the first poster was released and people misinterpreted it, she took her Instagram to apologize for it.


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A post shared by Richa Chadha (@therichachadha)

She mentioned that the movie is fictional and the characters do not resemble anyone. She is not responsible for the design of the poster, she added. But still, the whole unit of the movie is regretful about the mistake made. Within 24 hours, the previous poster was deleted and a new poster was released.

When she started receiving threats of life she didn’t fear them and tackled them courageously. She stated that she is not afraid of anyone because she is doing nothing wrong. If people are misinterpreting the movie without even watching it, then she cannot help it, she added.

Many BTown celebs came in the support of Richa Chadha including Swara Bhaskar, Vidhya Balan, and Diya Mirza.

The movie will be released on 22nd January and Richa is thrilled to portray the most difficult role of her life which is surely not influenced by any real-life character. What challenges will the release of Madam Chief Minister bring in Richa’s life? Well, it is yet to be seen.


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