REVEALED! Why do judges break pen nib in court room after death sentence


    Often you have seen in movies that after the execution of the judge, they break the nib of the pen but not only in  movies but in real life also there are many reasons hidden behind it.

    You must thinking in your mind, why judges do so? why do they break the pen’s nibs?

    It is really surprising to know that this is running from the British era which is going on till today Let us know the reason behind it.

    Breaking the nib is a symbolic act

    credit: scoopwhoop

    The biggest punishment in our law is considered hanging when the judge decides to hang anyone, they breaks down the nib, because it is expected that such crime should not be repeated and the pen which has written the sentence of hanging will not be repeated again. Could not be used or punished for hanging anyone.


    No powers to review/revoke the judgement

    When the judge decides the verdict, he also breaks the pinnacle of the pen so that he stays on his decision, once the judge breaks the nib, the judge himself does not have the right to reconsider his decision, even for this reason The nib of the pen is broken.