Revealed! Here’s why Virat and Anushka tied knot secretly

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Monday tied up with the marriage of Tuscany in Italy. The entire Ceremony was kept secrecy on behalf of both. After marriage, Virat and Anushka confirmed the marriage by tweeting. After this, both the photos and videos of the wedding were exposed. After all, why did Virat and Anushka make a secrecy for marriage?

Media has to be managed

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# Virat and Anushka on December 11 in Tuscany, a resort in Italy, has seven rounds. Both the family and selected friends joined Marriage Ceremonies. For this, they did not have to make any more arrangements.

# Virat Anushka knows that he is a celebrity and his marriage is high-profile. So there was tremendous coverage in the media. This led to trouble in managing Ceremonies.

Most visitors have to be invited


#Virat is the captain of India and Anushka actress. If they married in India, more guests would have to call. It may be that the number is more than 500. However, there is no problem in managing it too. But later it would feel that the person could not call the person. Both end this possibility.

There was also a problem with whom to hide and hide from whom to talk about marriage in India. So went out, got married, and convinced himself.

Aditya Chopra is considered a mentor of Anushka


Anushka and Aditya Chopra are close friends. They share personal maternity with Aditya and take Aditya advice on them. Aditya advised him to marry outside the country. In such a situation, they will be avoided by unnecessary headlines. Even before this, when Aditya had solved this once Virat-Anushka had overcome distances.

Let’s say that Aditya too is very sensitive about her personal life. He married Rani Mukherjee in a secret way in 2014. Later photos were revealed.

Problems in getting Team India

The Indian cricket team is currently in the ODI series with Sri Lanka. The schedule was already fixed. If there was a marriage in India during this time, then the entire team would have been skeptical. Virat also does not want to have any effect on the team’s schedule or game due to his personal program

Be sure to keep the personal life of Virat

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Despite being aggressive on the Vibrant Ground, it is also very sensitive in its personal life. He is sure to keep his personal life personal. Quitting the occasion, he did not make any statement about his relationship with Anushka. They have never disclosed what they are going to do next. Virat knows that as a Captain of Team India he is a known name. So, marrying in India will not be her Personal Ceremonies.

Agreement with Professional

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#To maintain marriage secrecy, Virat and Anushka’s family members had made arrangements to complete it. The non-disclosure agreement was signed by all the people associated with this function, such as photographers, caterers and hotel staff. It was said that they will not share any news related to it with anyone.