Researchers develop jellyfish-inspired self-healing skin

Self-healing skin: One can prove to be a boost in the creation of even more man-made robots in the future, researchers from the National University of Singapore have developed an electronic skin that can heal itself, stretches well and it’s also touch-sensitive.

Inspired by the jellyfish, the self-healing skin, dubbed GLASSES (short for gel-like, aquatic, stretchable, self-healing electronic skin), could be used to add an even more enhanced ‘touch of human’ to machines.

Motivated by jellyfish, self-healing skin, dubbed Glasses (short for gel-like, aqueous, stretchable, self-healing electronic skin), can be used to connect even more developed ‘touch of human’ to machines.

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According to Cnet, the electronic skin has a promising application in developing brittle robots and various human-machine communication interfaces.

To create a transparent skin, the researchers mixed elastic plastic with a fluorine-rich ionic liquid into a gel that has the ability to heal itself and operate in moist surroundings.

If it faces a cut or gets torn, it’s capable of getting back to electrical conductivity within minutes and stitch itself back within days.

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