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Remember The Movie “Orphan”? Here’s The Real-Life Story Of An Adult Posing As A Child!

We all love psychological horror films, after all, there is an element of surprise, mystery and a lot of scary revelations.

One such movie that was released in 2009 is Orphan, which is still very popular.

If you haven’t watched it, let me give you a small recap:

The story revolves around a couple who adopts a nine-year-old Russian girl from an orphanage nearby but things take a scary turn when that young girl starts showing hostile behaviour and starts hurting their kids and even killing injured birds. She also kills a nun and plans to kill the entire family after she fails to seduce her adoptive dad.

Weird right? Why in the world would a nine-year-old do so?

Well, it turns out that the girl was a 33-year-old woman who had a rare disease called Hypopituitarism which is responsible for her child-like appearance.

Creepy, right? I know what you are thinking, that such things only exist in the movie and you don’t have to worry about these in real life.

If you think so, you might be wrong because there has been a real-life incident that is going to blow your mind!

The Shocking Case Of Natalia Grace

Kristine Barnett, 45, and ex-husband Michael Barnett agreed to the emergency adoption of six-year-old Natalia Grace. Natalia was claimed to have a disorder named Spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia which is responsible for her short stature, skeletal abnormalities, and vision problems. They also noticed that Natalia wasn’t even able to walk by herself when they adopted her.

Orphan 2009
Via; weeklynation.com

But, soon after Natalia’s adoption, they started experiencing her strange behaviour.

  • Kristine claims that Natalia had full pubic hair at the age of six. She also found blood-filled clothes in her trash cans that indicated Natalia was having periods and was trying to hide this fact.
  • She claims that Natalia even mixed some chemicals in her tea and when confronted said that ” she wanted to kill Kristine”.
  • Natalia also tried to electrocute Kristen by pushing her towards an electric fence.
  • Kristen shared that Natalia tried to kill her family members and even tried to stab them.
  • One time when they were at the beach she ran all by herself towards the ocean leaving his adoptive parents in shock, as she couldn’t even walk by herself.
  • Kristen also found her smearing bodily fluids on the walls and mirror, threatening her family.
Orphan 2009
Via: The Telegraph

Soon after realizing this, Natalia was sent to the St Vincent Indianapolis Stress Center for psychiatric treatment where she confessed to being 18 or older and described her failed murder attempts as “FUN”.

It was proven to the court that Natalia was 22 years old by Barnett’s so that she can get appropriate psychiatric treatment as an adult.

After treated and being released in 2012, Barnett’s helped Natalia rent an apartment, apply for benefits, get food stamps and social security number.

After that Barnett’s moved to Canada so that Jake, their son who has autism can study at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario.

Kristen still maintained contact with Natalia before leaving and after settling in Canada but then suddenly Natalia cut off all her contacts.

Natalia went to the police and claimed that she was abandoned by Barnett’s. Further bone density tests done revealed she was 11 years old.

Kristine and Michael Barnett are now facing charges for abandoning their nine-year-old daughter. They are both released on bail and the investigation is still ongoing.

Orphan 2009
Via: Tippecanoe County Jail

Natalia’s whereabouts were unknown, and many believed that she is a con artist and is posing as a child for another family.

She was later found and now lives with Man’s family in Indiana.

But her real age is still unknown!

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