Religious Bigotry Reaches New Level, Hindu Leader Closes Eyes To Avoid Muslim Anchor!

Owing to incidents taking place these days, it would be an understatement to say that the word ‘secular’ has lost its meaning. Or rather, it has failed to make people understand it’s meaning!
So it seems that the debates and blame games were not even done with, over the Zomato incident, and yet in another incident, secularism was put on stake again!


Reportedly, Ajay Gautam, founder of a Hindu right-wing organization ‘Hum Hindu‘ allegedly closed his eyes on LiveTV so that he didn’t have to see a Non-Hindu anchor, during a news debate.

This religious bigotry has reached to a whole different level of stupidity now!

Muslim Anchor
Via: National Herald

The website of his organization states that its sole motto is “Complete Swaraj, absolute Hindu Raj”

Guess who needs a lecture on secularism!

Via: Hum Hindu –

Watch the video here:

Twitterati took to twitter to express their disregard.

After the video went viral, editor-in-Chief of News24, Anuradha Prasad also disparaged his behavior on Twitter :

We are yet to receive any response from Gautam’s side.

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