Reliance Jio Fiber Is Finally Launched: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Mukesh Ambani’s much-awaited Fiber-to-The-Home (FTTH) has been launched. Unlike other internet plans, Jio Fiber not only gives high-speed internet but will also offer a free HD or a 4K TV. The services do not end here, they will also give us unlimited up to 1Gbps internet connection.

Jio Fibre
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Jio Fiber Plans

Jio Fiber monthly rental plans will start from Rs 699 and will give 100GB data +50GB and is called the Basic plan. Whereas the Silver plan will go up to Rs 8,499 200GB data + 200GB data, the extra speed remaining same. Launched on August 12, Jio Fiber will see it’s first to roll out today.

The Gold Plan will cost Rs 1,299 with 500GB+250GB data every month. The maximum speed for the gold plan will be 250 Mbps. The Diamond Plan will cost Rs 2,499 where the maximum speed is clocked at 500Mbps with 1250GB+250GB data extra per month.

Jio Fibre
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The next plan is priced at Rs 3,999 with 1GBps speed and 2500GB data per month. Finally, the Titanium plan that is the most expensive among the others will give 1GBps speed and 5000GB data/month at a price of  Rs 8,499 every month.

Jio Fibre
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Finally, the company is starting the service for customers across 1600 towns of the country.

Jio Fiber Cable TV

Jio does not stop there but has a more fantastic plan for you. Jio Fibre launched it’s Jio Fiber Cable TV, which has a set-top box. The set box will jot only let you play your favourite shows but will also let you play HD games. The set-top box will give you access to all the channels operated by major cable operators.

Jio Fibre
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And to our surprise, the set-top-box also allows us to make video calls VR (Visual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). This additional service will cost you 1200 Rs per year.

Free Jio Fiber TV

Jio is giving free TV sets to the customers who subscribe for annual Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plans.

You are eligible for a 24-inch TV set if you subscribe for Gold plan. The total cost of the plan will be Rs 15,588.

Jio Fibre
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The Diamond Plan subscribers are eligible for a 24-inch HD TV and the plan will cost them Rs 29,988 per year.

Jio Fibre
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The Platinum Plan will make you eligible for a free router video-calling box, a 4K set-top box, free subscription to leading OTT apps and HD TV of 32-inches.

Jio Fibre
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The most expensive plan will cost you Rs 1,01,988 and you will get the Jio Home Gateway, a router, a video-calling box, a 4K set-top box, the free annual subscription to leading OTT apps and a 43-inch 4K LED TV.

How To Get Your Jio Fiber:

You all must to exited to purchase your own Jio Fiber set-top box, you can either visit the official website or use the Jio app to get your connection.

You’ve to submit some necessary details after which your connection will be registered.

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