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Wait! Read This Before You Post Your Relationship Status On Social Media

A common trend among couples is posting their relationship status on social media. They share their love life, selfies with their partner, the couple’s goal, and everything there. At first, it seems very romantic to announce your but later things can turn terrible. So, is it necessary to tell the world about your love life and partner?

Well, everyone has their personal preferences. Mostly those in a long-distance relationship want to make their love official out of insecurity. But one should also know what their partner thinks of updating their relationship status on social media. If your partner agrees to the same, then the next thing to do is to do it at the right time. In short, you must know when to post your relationship on social media.

Here is everything couples should know before posting their relationship status on social media.

When Not To Post Relationship Status On Social Media?

when to post your relationship on social media

For someone who is social media addicted, it is difficult not to brag about their love on Facebook or Instagram. But, one should not announce it when the relationship is at an early stage. If you have recently dated someone or your crush has accepted the proposal, then wait for some time.

Let your relationship grow and show off your love life once you both realize that yes, he or she is the one. Posting the relationship status of premature love on social media can create awkward situations, especially when it doesn’t last long.

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You surely don’t want others to ask questions about your heartbreak and make situations tough for you. So, it’s better to wait for some time and most importantly it’s not mandatory to show off your love on social media. But, there are some excellent reasons to do it as well.

Good Things About Posting Relationship Status On Social Media

relationship status on social media

Displaying on social media about your love life has some hidden motives as well. Insecure couples on social media do it as a way to protect their love from outside threats. Someone might have a crush on you or your partner. But since they don’t know about you two being as couples, their feelings might become strong.

Social media helps you to keep those potential alternative romantic partners away. So, when you officially announce your relationship status on social media, you tell others about commitment.

And it happens from both sides which protect you and your partner both from the temptation of being strayed. Many insecure couples on social media post due to this protection motive, which is suitable for their love life.

However, there are few things to check before you post-relationship status on social media.

Things To Check When Making Your Love Life Official

Is It Your Choice?

Relationship Status On Social Media

Many couples do it out of pressure and not as their personal choice. Doing it out of trouble will make things worse, and you will end up feeling worthless and insecure. So, tell your partner that you are not ready for it if anything bothers you. After all, your choice matters.

Don’t Post To Prove It! 

Check For The Nosy Friends

nosy friends on social media

Having a nosy friend on Facebook or other social media platform wherever you are flaunting your love life is harmful. They may make things worse than unknown friends on social media. So, check whether you have any such friends or family members connected on social media. Make sure that you don’t put your partner in trouble just because you want to show off like other couples on social media.

Are You Sure?

relationship status on social media

Things spread like wildfire on social media within seconds. Moreover, once it’s out, it will be there forever, even if your relationship breaks off. So, make sure that you are completely okay and ready to deal with the conservative society and their judgments. They will pass comments, ask weird questions, follow you, put their nose into every matter. Well, you cannot stop them from doing or interfering with your life, but you should know how to handle those.

Final Words

Whether you announce the relationship officially or not, does not matter. What matters is that you are serious about it and committed.

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