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Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body At These Exotic Spas

Vacations are the best part of life which rejuvenates our soul and body. Working non-stop and taking all the stress can be frustrating. You need refreshing therapy which can clear all the mess and stress of your life.

Before heading to any vacation we go shopping and try to buy the best clothes. It is also very important to make your skin vacation-ready. Pampering your body is a gesture to make your body feel equally important.

Who doesn’t want a perfectly relaxed body on a vacation? Here is a list of some exotic spas that you can visit and be vacation-ready.

1.ITC Grand Goa, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Goa

ITC Grand Goa
Via: Marriott

ITC Grand Goa is spread over an area of 36,000 sq feet in South Goa. Located amidst the quit beaches it gives you a rejoicing and tranquil experience. The spa in Park Hyatt Resort offers aromatic massages, ayurvedic massages and therapeutic healing.

The mixture of traditional and new ways of a spa is combined to provide a holistic experience. This award-winning spa has some of the best techniques that will soothe your body and mind. They also have the facility of customizing your therapies.

Spa Park Hyatt
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2. Kaya Kalp, The Royal Spa, Agra

Kaya Kalp
Via: Wetu

The name itself has the royal touch that pretty much defines the experience you can have here. The traditional spa in Northern India guards the mystic and holy Yamuna river. The spa is one of the largest Spas in Asia which was opened in March 2008  by ITC Mughal Hotel. The spa is a blend of Indian and Persian spa techniques which make it an exotic experience for the visitors.

The spa has a chain of achievements and awards on its name. The Royal Spa is true to its name is known for its Turkish sauna (Hammam). The interiors are well decorated and the ambience is soothing with a perfect aroma that will relax your nerves.

Kala Kalp Royal
Via: Well grow travels

3. Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi

Chi Spa
Via: Blue Sky Dreamers

The Cleopatra Bath at Chi, The Spa in La’s Eros Hotel is one of the ancient spas that is inspired by the Greek tradition. The spa is done with soaking your body in milk with Haldi. Milk in Greek tradition is considered sacred.

Cleopatra who was known for her beauty, this spa is believed to be her beauty secret. Milk, Haldi and rose petals work great for dry and irritated skin. The spa relaxes and replenishes your body with trusted beauty secrets.

Chi Spa
Via: Conde Nast Traveler India

4. Ananda Spa, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Anand meditation
Via: London Meditation Centre

Rishikesh is home for the holy river Ganga. Relaxing on the banks of Ganges flowing will give a tranquil experience with ecstasy and greenery around. Ananda Spa is built on the Maharaja’s Place Estate which is royal and majestic.

Placed in between the luscious Sal Forests, the view is breathtaking. The relaxing and pampered massages are much needed for your body. The ambience is perfectly soothing to have a rejuvenating experience.

ananda resort
Via: Enchanting Travels

5. Vishranti Resort And Spa, Dehradun

Via: Media India Group

To have an experience of a lifetime at the spa, the ambience and surroundings matter a lot. The more natural and surreal the vicinity is the more perfect the relaxation therapy goes. The Vishranti Resort and Spa is located around the spiritual and rare Rudraksha tree with healing bamboo trees with the fragrance of lemongrass around.

Via: The Tales Of Traveler

If you plan your vacation at these places then try to get an extra pampering at these spas. The spiritual and healing will help in the better functioning of your mind and body. These spa therapies will extract all the toxins from your body giving you a completely fresh and stress-free mind and soul.

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