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Reasons Why Dosa Is Beneficial For Weight Loss

Dosa, the south Indian dish is prepared with rice batter and black lentils. The dish has an authentic taste of the South and can be prepared with many variations and innovations. You can also stuff the dosa with potatoes, paneer (cottage cheese), noodles and create a different style dosa.

The food has changed a lot, the authentic taste has been modified with people and their choices. Dosa is a flavourful and quite fulfilling dish. In the Southern part of India people almost eat it every day and include it in most of their meals.

The delicious dish has many health benefits which you must know

  • Healthy Carbohydrates:

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Dosa has some healthy carbohydrates which give energy to your body to carry out your daily functions. The carbohydrate-rich dish is not very spicy and not too plain. It is delicious to eat and easy to cook.

  • Easy To Digest:

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The staple south Indian food is quick in digestion that helps in avoiding stomach diseases and keeps you healthy and filling. The fermented dish looks like a pancake but is actually bit salty in taste.

  • Low In Fat: 

Low Fat
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The saturated fat content in dosa is very less which is a sign of good quality food. Saturated fat leads to major heart problems including heart attack and obesity.

  • High In Protein

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Protein intake is necessary for our body as it helps in the smooth running of day to day activities. Proteins give power and stamina to our body. Dosa is made from the ingredients that are rich in proteins making the dish also protein-rich.

  • Low In Calories

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You should include food in your diet that satisfies your hunger adding fewer calories to your body. Dosa is healthy, tasty and easy to cook that can overcome your hunger and obesity.

  • Great Source Of Minerals 

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Dosa is a great source of Iron and Calcium which are two important minerals our body needs. The calcium helps in strengthening bones and iron helps in carrying proteins in your blood increasing haemoglobin level.

  • Contain Vitamins

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Dosa is also the supplier of Vitamin  C to our body. Dosa is a healthy choice as it helps in the efficient working of your body. The light dish can be taken as your snack or even in a meal.

  • Healthy, Tasty and Rich With Goodness

Masala Dosa
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There is not a single thing to hate dosa. It is good for your body and you will enjoy the authentic taste of it as well. If you can try new variations with dosa to not make it boring.

Include this dish and see the amazing benefits it gives you. It will keep your tummy filled and taste buds satisfied. Keep Munching!


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