Realistic end Of Some Of The Iconic Bollywood Stories!

Bollywood Characters have their special charm! After all these years there are several characters like Kabir, Rahul, and Meera who have made an impact on our lives! But, have you ever wondered how different things would have ended in these popular movies if these characters instead of living their life’s Bollywood style existed in real life.

Well, give a little pause to the racing horses in your head because we have all the answers.

This is how the most iconic Bollywood movies would have ended if the characters lived in the real world!

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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Every youngster has watched this movie at least twice, what made the story so lovable was the love story of two contrasting characters Naina, an introverted studious girl and Bunny, an extroverted guy with big dreams. But imagine if they met in real life, would Bunny and Naina still end up together? In real life even if they fell in love because of their contrasting characters, they wouldn’t be able to have a happy ending since their happiness lies in different things.

Sad but true!

2. Cocktail

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A damsel in distress, Meera finally meets the party girl Veronica and they support each other until a flirtatious man, Gautam arrives and makes their life complicated. A love triangle is what cocktail was all about and guess who he chooses? The traditional Indian girl of course! *Cliche* But, in real life Meera and Veronica would have been best of friends and wouldn’t fight over a guy instead they would have told him goodbye and lived the rest of their lives on their terms supporting each other. Afterall no prince saves the princess in real life!

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Every Bollywood lover knows this movie by heart. Rahul falls in love with a beautiful and Popular girl Tina and Anjali, Rahul’s best friend falls for him. Rahul marries Anjali and has a daughter of the same name. Things take a turn when his daughter Anjali after her mother’s death discovers a letter stating that Tina wants Rahul to reunite with his best friend as she thinks she stood in their way of true love. Finally, Rahul’s daughter succeeds and already engaged Anjali leaves her Fiancee for Rahul. But would anyone leave their fiancee for a love that didn’t choose them? I bet not. In real life, Anjali would have moved on and would have reconciled her friendship with Rahul instead of eloping with him and ditching the guy who was genuinely there for her!

4. Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2
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A love story with a tragic end, this film captured the heart of the audience but did it deserve the tragic fate? In the movie, Rahul helps Aarohi in making her dreams come true and even ends his own life to not become a burden on her! But not every alcohol problem needs to end that way. In real life, Aarohi and Rahul would have still been together both fighting their own battles. Aarohi would have been a successful singer and Rahul would have taken some time off to handle his alcohol addiction. After some years of struggle, they both would have ended up as a star couple!

Do you think these real-life endings are accurate or do you still believe in Bollywood ones instead!

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