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Ravi Shashtri Says F**k The Pitch, We’re Confused If He’s Had Too Much To drink Or He Has Lost It? Twitter Agrees!

Remember the soul-crushing defeat of Indian Team in World Cup Semifinals this year? The moist pitch after the rain on the second day emerged as the villain in the sweet love story of Indian Team and the World Cup! *Sobbing*

Cricket fanatics all around the world would agree to the fact that pitch plays an important role in the match, but the Coach of Indian Cricket Team doesn’t think so.

You don’t believe me? Well, have a look, yourself!

Wait, what?

The team management should hide his ‘stock’ before he leaves for press-conferences or interviews. I mean, this is the least they could do right?

Moving on, in addition to his recent charade, he was found asleep whist the match between India and S. Africa!
Although he was asleep or ‘high’ is still debatable! *Wink*

So Twitter made a ‘Meme Lord’ out of him as expected! Have a look:

We have proposed to BCCI to hire Malya to keep a check on Shashtri’s liquor intake!


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