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Rakul Preet Singh says people shouldn’t play ‘blame game’. Read Her Full Statement

Rakul Preet Singh emphasizes the importance of being aware of the stories being shared on social media, particularly the notion that only Bollywood movies are having difficulties at the box office. With experience in all the major Indian film industries, Rakul has observed that after the pandemic, people’s attitudes towards going to the cinema have changed, and “every industry is going through a phase.”

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Only a few Bollywood films achieved high success in the box office last year, such as The Kashmir Files, Brahmastra, Drishyam 2, and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, while films from Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada created a box office sensation.

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Rakul told indianexpress.com that instead of engaging in a “blame game” one should take a holistic look at the Indian film industry and ask more meaningful questions. In response to being asked if Hindi films are not doing something correctly, she mentioned that the conversations taking place on social media are not very detailed, as every industry is facing a period of fewer successful films.

If we talk about South films, there are four distinct industries. That would mean that the North film industry encompasses Marathi films, Punjabi films, and Hindi films. It is a great time right now because films featuring Ved have been successful, as have Punjabi films and Hindi films. We are able to create our own narrative. On average, each industry has two films that are released each week.


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RRR, Kantara, and KGF 2 have all found success in Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil cinema, respectively. However, many of the Malayalam films that have been released have gone overlooked, as they were not dubbed into Hindi. This pattern of neglect is being seen across the board, prompting us to ask a larger, more pressing question: why?

Rakul suggested that the reduced number of films being produced across different industries could be an indication that people are limiting their visits to cinemas in the wake of the pandemic. She remarked that this could be a period where people “are slowly regaining confidence following the pandemic.”

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Not everyone can afford to go to the movies every week, so they opt for one movie a month which can be a family outing. It could be an issue of affordability, or it could be the pricing that is the issue. Rather than blame anyone, we should be asking questions to try to get to the bottom of why only four or five Hindi films have been successful.


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The global film industry is presently undergoing a major shift in its trend due to the influence of technology and OTT platforms. It could take up to two years for us to assess how people’s viewing habits have altered and make an accurate assessment of the changes that have taken place. This is a period of transition, according to her.


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When queried about her experience as an artist in this period, Rakul replied, “not great.” She then went on to say that actors are currently trying to comprehend the situation and the decisions they make will be much more difficult.

At the time of the release of De De Pyaar De (2019), it was unclear how successful the film would be in theatres. However, you were confident that people would respond positively. Now, it is a different situation, as we must consider the selection of films and the mediums through which they must be shared. This is something that we are all trying to figure out, including the audience. We must put effort into understanding this new phase.

Rakul is getting ready for Chhatriwali’s debut, a slice-of-life drama, to be released on ZEE5 on January 20. The project, produced by Ronnie Screwvala and helmed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, stars Rakul as the head of quality control at a condom factory.

The actor noted that a movie such as Chhatriwali, which deals with a topic that is often seen as taboo, would be better served on an OTT platform as it would have the potential to reach its intended audience.

In order to shift the perspectives of viewers through her movie, she must get them to watch it first. Movie theatres may be intimidating for some, as they may have a preconceived notion of its content. However, on streaming platforms, individuals can watch it independently and come to the realization that it is appropriate for viewing with family.

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