Rajnath Singh Adorns The New Rafael With Lemons To Ward Off Evil And Twitter Swirls With Jokes

It’s kind of becoming a trend amongst Indian politicians to arouse trolls by doing or saying ridiculous stuff.
Joining Piyush Goel and Nirmala Sitaraman, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is a new name in the list. He has been quite the talk of the town ever since he Nimbu Mirchioed his way into welcoming the new Rafael!

Yeah, Beliefs! *Sarcastic Grunt*

Rajnath Singh performed pooja of a Rafale jet by placing lemons under its wheels and coconut on the top, the pictures of which have become a new muse for netizens to mock!

So much so, that #RafaelPujaPolitics started trending on Twitter:

There are a lot of things in the world worth taking inspiration from, we would really appreciate if Indian Politicians stopped getting inspired from across the border and stop doing ridiculous stuff!

Thank You.

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I am an Engineer by degree and a creative content writer by profession. I am an avid reader and Sarcasm is my forte.

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