Rahul Gandhi Tweets “PM Modi Does Not Care”

Indian PM, Narendra Modi is playing a significant role in uniting the whole country in the fight against coronavirus. Earlier, he asked the people to claps at the same time from the windows of their homes. This was a salute for the efforts of doctors, police, and everyone who is putting enormous effort.

Recently, in a video message, PM Modi asked everyone to flashlights sharp at 9 p.m on 5th April. This is to show that we all are together, and our efforts will surely work to win over the deadly disease, coronavirus.

But, this is taking a political color as Rahul Gandhi recently tweets and shares a picture on twitter. He said,” India is not testing enough to fight the Covid-19 virus.” He also tweets that flashing light or candles and clapping will not solve the problem. Along with this, he also shared a picture showing the efforts of the Indian government in comparison to other nations.

The image depicts that PM Modi does not care, and the testing progress is meager. The photo shows the number of tests per million population. To which, Indian testing is low, whereas South Korea is doing the highest number of tests as per the people. It also shows what the testing rate of countries like Germany, Italy, the UK, the US, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan is.

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It is a tough time for India and the whole world. Everyone is doing their part to curb the coronavirus. Flashing light is only a small way to show the unity and discipline of the Indians, which our PM wants to show the world.

Till now, there are 3,072 cases of covid-19 in India, and the death toll rises to 75.

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