Radhika Apte Is A Gem Of A Person, Very Inspiring

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    Radhika Apte South is constantly working in Hindi films. She has also proved herself as a Versatile Actress. With Akshay Kumar in the film ‘Padman’, she got very different ideas. Radhika Apte has been identified as a serious actress in Bollywood. From the beginning, she has been working off the leak. The role played by Radhika in the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Padman’ also impressed viewers. Radhika herself regards this film as special for herself. She wants to do different characters even further. Conversation with Radhika Apte …

    How has the attitude of people changed for you after ‘Padman’?

    The success of the film ‘Padman’ has given me a special place in Bollywood. But it is not that I was totally useless before or nobody recognized me. As an actress, I have made an identity in the industry. Yes, after ‘padman’, there were four moons in it.

    After ‘Padman’, have you become more serious about your acting career?

    credit:Hindustan Times

    No. It’s not like that. The truth is that I have never been serious about my acting career. I would have thought more about my acting career then I could not absorb my work.

    Is there an actor with whom you would like to work with?

    Yes, I love Sushant Singh Rajput’s job. I would definitely like to do a film with him in the future.


    Which filmmaker is your most favored?

    I am a big fan of Ramgopal Verma. She has given many great films. But nowadays his films are not showing amazing at the box office.

    As an actress, how much Satisfied are you from your acting career?

    Right now it’s my beginning. But I can say that I have started well. Apart from South’s films, I have started making my place in Hindi films too. I want the film to be of any language, I have got the right recognition as an actress. Whatever work I do, I like the audience. Only then will make myself successful

    You do more than non-glamorous rolls, is it avoiding the glamorous roll?

    There must be something to do in the role as an actor in the role. I have no objection to the glamorous role, provided there is something to do in that role.

    You worked in a movie called ‘Phobia’. What is the phobia of real life?

    Mice are very scared, they are my only phobia.

    Any one of your fans who have been coughing together?

    Yes, many fans are very weird. Once I was traveling from the plane, I got a man in the plane, he wanted to take selfie with me. I tried a lot to avoid it. But he did not listen to me. After all, I came to him and told him, ‘Brother, take selfie and let me live.