Qualcomm is pushing to make VR and AR headsets work with 5G phones


At the ongoing MWC 201, chipmaker Qualcomm highlighted its aim for the future with 5g network capabilities.

The company revealed its future plans for AR and VR together called XR platform where it will make an XR-optimised certification program for mobile phones using its Snapdragon 855 processors, specifying their compatibility with any headset in that ecosystem, Reported by The Verge.


Right now, Acer OJO VR Neal and headset reality glasses are officially supported under the event and more are anticipated to appear this year.

Qualcomm is even using an old accelerator program in order to promote the development of XR headsets. 5g is anticipated to give benefit not only to mobile network however also AR and VR with the increased Bandwidth.

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The chipmaker is ensuring that 5G networks will permit wearers to stream higher-quality media through the headsets making the user experience even better.