US Pub Used Indian God’s Photos In Their Bathroom- See What This Woman Did Next

    Ankita’s words in this case did have an impact as the owner of the nightclub wrote back to her, apologized

    Hindu religion

    As far as we know that, there is something peculiar about the Indian gods and goddesses. As a result, pictures of our adored and worshipped gods and immortals keep cropping up in various places in the world. But, a famous pub in New York has crossed all limits.

    An Indian American, Ankita Mishra visited a pub in New York named the House Of Yes. The pub is among the most popular pubs in the state and is famously known for its quirky, peppy, wild ambiance.


    The pub’s description reads, “Weird. Wild. Wonderful. A performance fueled nightclub and creative venue programmed with eclectic events and fabulous dance parties.” And true to its name, the pub had a surprise in store for Ankita.

    She visited the pub toilet to uncover that the gates were closed in banners of Hindu gods and goddesses beginning from kali to Ganesh to Shiva.  Ankita Mishra reported her shocking experience in a blog post, where she couldn’t help but reveal her anger and disappointment.

    She pointed out in her blog post that being a queer brown girl living in New York, she was used to being threatened and evaluated against. However this time she could no deeper persist silently. She wrote a letter to the pub manager.

    Her letter to the manager reads:


    “I was not proud on Saturday night. I was there with a group that had ordered a bottle service table to the side of the bar and because of the high price they were paying, I had the privilege of accessing the private bathroom behind the DJ booth by the stage.

    You know the one. At first, when I reached for toilet paper from the dispenser, it did not register that I was looking at Mahadev. Slowly I raised my eyes to take in the room and noticed all of them- Ganesha, Saraswati, Brahma, Shiva, Radha and Krishna, Lakshmi, and inexplicably right above the toilet, Kali.”

    She also mentioned, “ Cleanliness and purity are obsessive rules in an Indian household. Around Indian deities, it is a very basic form of respect, one that you learn as a child.

    You cannot present a flower to a god after having smelled it- you cannot wear shoes in a temple. Peeing, shitting, throwing up and all other activities that happen in nightclub bathrooms would also go under the category of uncleanliness.”

    Making fun of any culture or religion is just not done, people. You have your own set of values, however, we have our own.

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    It shows that a rightly secular world is a risky concept, which may never come true. But,  Ankita’s words in this situation made an impact as the pub owner wrote back to her, apologized and concluded to have the bathrooms redesigned.

    Here’s what the manager replied:


    Hi Ankita, “My name is Kae Burke, I’m Anya’s partner as a co-founder/creative director at House of Yes and I am the one that created, conceived and made the deity bathroom. I am fully responsible for making the tone-deaf and completely ignorant decor choice.

    “I am sorry for not taking the time to fully understand and research the deep history of the culture I was inspired by before using it to decorate. I feel awful that you had to experience this type of cultural disrespect at House of Yes of all places.”

    “I read every word of your email (twice) and I wanted to thank you for taking the time, being bold yet informative in your writing and also trusting us in that you would be heard.”

    Good work indeed by Ankita.  Never hurt sentiments of people who belong from other religion or other parts of the world. No human race is superior. This is acts of the devil in the name of God people spread hate.