Vaccine For Coronavirus- Professor Didier Raoult Reveals The Effectiveness Of HCQ-AZ

The scientists all over the globe are busy in developing a vaccine for coronavirus. There are lots of studies done on the virus as well. Release of the results of a recent survey by The IHU Mediterranee Infection, Marseille, France, is here. Around 1061, patients of covid-19 were part of this study. They were under observation for three days to find out the effectiveness of the treatment.

Professor Didier Raoult did the study to see the effectiveness of the new treatment on the patients. The hydroxychloroquine with the combination of azithromycin was given to them. For the 9 days, he studied how the treatment works on different patients as per their conditions.

Covid-19 treatment and study

38,617 patients were part of this study that took place between 3rd March to 9th April. Among which 3,165 patients were positive and under complete care of the institute. However, the average age of the patients who met the criteria was 43.6 years old. Such patients were about 1061 in the numbers. But, there were only 46.4 percent of male patients.

Here are the key findings of the study:

There was no cardiac toxicity in the patients. The good response came from 91.7 percent of patients i.e., 973. Unfortunately, the outcome of the study was poor in 4.3 percent of patients. Moreover, around ten patients went to ICUs, five died, and 31 were in hospitalization. Among these, most were older or having a severe condition.

Some of them got low hydroxychloroquine serum concentration, as well. Moreover, those who got the HCQ-AZ combination for more than three days had a low mortality rate.

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‘The study concludes that the immediate dose of the HCQ-AZ combination is safe and effective. Also, the mortality rate in older patients was meager, it was only 0.5 percent.

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