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OMG! Prithvi Shaw Got Trapped Into a Horrendous Fan Moment!! See What a Lady Influencer Did to Him?

Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw recently went to a party with his friends. He arrived at a luxury hotel in Santacruz, Mumbai. The cricketer was about to leave the party when he crashed into two people waiting for him to have a selfie with him. Prithvi denied having any interaction with them at that time after which the two people lost their temper.

Prithvi Shaw Caught in a Horrible Incident

Prithvi Shaw went to a late-night party to enjoy with his friends in a luxury hotel. Meanwhile, a social media influencer Sapna Gill and her friend Shobhit Thakur were waiting outside the hotel for interacting with him. Prithvi Shaw left the hotel and moved towards his car when he got into a clash with Sapna and her friend.

The influencer Sapna wanted to have a selfie with the cricketer but he denied as due to an unknown reason. Sapna got fired up after the cricketer denied the selfie and went on a rage against him. Sapna tried to smash the windscreen and other parts of Prithvi’s car with a baseball bat. A video from the incident went viral where Prithvi Shaw can be seen trying to snatch the bat from the influencer.

Sapna’s friend Shobhit called six of his friends after the incident and later followed a car for 10 kilometers to catch up with Prithvi Shaw. However, Prithvi wasn’t in the car which was followed. The suspect Sapna Gill along with 5 other partners was caught by police on Thursday evening. The culprits will be presented in front of the court on Friday morning.

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The victims were widely criticized by the people and they demanded strict action against the culprits as well. People showed their support for the cricketer.

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