Prime time! How to choose right primer as per your skin type


    Primer is a cream that is usually but not every day to apply. Primer is the main makeup product used to bridge one’s makeup. Primer creates a barrier between your makeup and skin. It creates a smoother skin surface thus it’s a nicer makeup application. Primer enhance your overall appearance and also prolong the makeup wear.

    The main problem which usually people face while buying primer is which shade to choose. Choosing primer according to your shade is essential. Choose primer according to your skin type.

    Primers for normal skin:

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    On the off chance that your skin is ordinary, which implies that your pores are not very expensive or too little, and that your skin doesn’t get too slick or dry for the duration of the day, you have a couple of preliminary alternatives.

    You likely don’t need a groundwork that has a mattifying impact, yet rather you simply need a preliminary that’ll make an amazing showing with regards to delaying your cosmetics, and will have some extra advantages like SPF.


    If your skin type is oily than you must require a mattifying primer. This will assist in preventing your skin from becoming greasy and shy throughout the day.

    As people with oily skin have larger pores, a primer that is made for oily skin will decrease the minimizing effect. Lastly, as oily skin-types are best to acne prone, there are makeup primers available in the market with anti-acne ingredients that will assist to keep your face best.

    Primers for mature skins:



    Primers are actually work best for mature skins as it fills the blur wrinkles.  Look for a moisturizing primer, lightweight primer without shimmer. The best you can do is to buy primer that have sunscreen in its ingredient and with antioxidants. It gives positive impact on you health.

    Primers for sensitive skin:


    Makeup primers are really outstanding for sensitive skin type as they provide an additional layer of protection to your skin of environment.