Pregnant Mountaineer Bhawna Dehariya Is All Set For Next Goal

Bhawna Dehariya from Madhya Pradesh is training hard to achieve her climbing goals and that to be during her pregnancy. Sounds risky and impossible too; but Bhawna is determined to start her next expedition post delivery.

She is a live inspiration for all the women and mountaineers out there who think one should pause their training during such a crucial phase. Undoubtedly, health is important and so as the goals and this pregnant Mountaineer is teaching everyone how to balance the both.

bhawna dehariya

In 2019, she conquered the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, on the 22nd of May. Not just this, the professional physical educationist and adventurist has also successfully climbed several other famous peaks of the world. She is also a Guinness World Record holder and popularizing Indian Himalaya through her hardwork.

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bhawna dehariya

Bhawna is the only female mountaineer from the state to hold these records and is setting benchmarks for others with her dedication and never-give-up attitude. For the females out there, she is going the extra mile to inspire them to follow her dreams. Her journey of this crucial phase is worth following.

Taking lessons from her fitness schedule, here are the best pregnancy yoga poses for mountaineers so that can continue their training whilst keeping the unborn baby safe.

5 Yoga Poses For Pregnant Mountaineers 

Seated Side Bendpregnancy yoga poses

Seated bend is a great pose for both pregnant women and mountaineers as it improve the shoulder muscles and reduce the tightness in back muscles. Beside this, seated bend reduces pain in back and lengthen the body areas like hip, thigh, and spine. However, stretch to a limit to prevent any complications.

Seated Tree Pose

pregnancy yoga poses

Tree pose is one of the great yoga to improve your balance and add strength to your thigh and hip muscles. You can modify the pose and instead of standing tree pose this one is recommended for pregnant women.

Butterfly Posebhawna dehariya

Great flexibility is needed to climb the uneven surface of mountains; butterfly pose is excellent way to open up the hips and thighs. It will also improve your center of gravity and target areas like knees, groin, and back muscles.

Beside the physical benefits, it also improves the mental health which is again crucial for pregnant mountaineers and woman. It is thus called as meditative pose too.

Sit on the floor and bring your feet in front and knees out. Hold the toes without leaning forward and breathe in and out.

Cat Pose

Cat pose is a gently pose to improve the flexibility of neck, spine, and back. These are the widely affected portions while climbing and thus one should focus more on these areas.

And it is safe for pregnant women as cat pose aka marjariasana also improves blood circulation and ease the tension in belly. It also helps in normal delivery, reduces back pain, improve the flexibility of pelvis.

The yoga is simple; kneel down on the floor with palms on the ground. Keep the back straight and take deep breath. Sink in your tummy while inhaling and then slowly exhale while returning to the normal position. Repeat the pose.


Though the pregnancy yoga pose looks simple, it is highly effective for mountaineers as well as pregnant women. Mountaineering is equally mental challenge as physical, savasana calms your mind thus it is an essential pose.

As said it is simple, lie on the floor on your back. Keep your legs and hands relaxed. Take deep breath and shut your eyes close. While relaxing, focus on your breath and undo the pose after few minutes.

These are the five poses that will give double benefits to mountaineers during pregnancy so that nothing can stop them from achieving climbing goals like Bhawna is aiming for.

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