Polyandry Marriage Proposal Sparks Debate In South Africa- Here’s Why?

South Africa’s new marriage policy proposal seeks equal rights for women as for men but opposition calls it ‘unacceptable.’ The country already allows men to have multiple wives but the same is not allowed for a woman.

The new ‘Polyandry Marriage’ proposal mentioned in a green paper could bring a change. But even before the government passes it, the new suggestions have raised questions over the country’s marriage culture and the future of children.

Few conservative leaders within the country are opposing it. On the other hand, the government calls it a step toward equality.

What Is Polyandry Marriage Proposal?

equal rights for women

Recently, the Department of Home Affairs of the South African government laid a proposal via its green paper document. The proposal says that marriages should be more inclusive and women can marry more than one man.

South Africa is one of those countries that permit polygamy and now bringing similar rights to women the country wants to bring a wider aspect to marriage. And since the marriages are not regulated by the Constitutional provisions of S.A, the new proposal may not bring any harm, as per the document.

The government had been working on the new proposal since 2019 for which it consulted with several leaders and human rights activists too.

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What Did Opposition Say About Polyandry Marriage Proposal?

polyandry marriage

Despite this, many are in opposition to polyandry marriage calling it an end to the culture, tradition, and custom of the country. The famous reality star Musa Mseleku says it would cause an identity crisis for future generations.

He further said a woman cannot take the role of a man. Musa already has 4 wives. An academic professor Collis is also against the proposed law saying Africa is not ready for this kind of equality.

Maybe his suggestions came out as a result of his past studies on polyandry. However, the proposal mentioned in the paper is not official and is not accepted yet.

Unlike Polygamy, Polyandry is not a widely accepted phenomenon but there are few areas where it has been practiced. This includes the Marquesas Islands and Plateau of Tibet.

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