Pilots should give one year notice before resigning: Government

Via: Dainik bhaskar.com

The civil aviation ministry said on Wednesday that pilots will have to give notice to the pilot one month and 6 months prior to resigning. During the notice period, the pilots will not be able to refuse their flight duties nor will the company cut their rights. Recently, the Ministry has published draft rules related to No Flylist. No Fly List is divided into three categories. There is a provision to ban the ill-disposed passenger for 2 years or more. These are 3 categories.

Via: Dainik bhaskar.com
Via: Dainik bhaskar.com

1st category
Civil Aviation Secretary RN Chaube said that in the first category, behaviors such as threatening warnings, expressions, verbal harassment have been kept. If convicted, the passenger can be banned for 3 months.

2nd category
It contains the physical abuse. It involves pushing, licking, gripping, sexual harassment or touching wrongly. On this, the passenger can be banned for 6 months.

3rd category
In this category, such behavior has been included which threatens the life of the cabin staff. It can be banned for 2 years or more.

Via: Dainik bhaskar.com
Via: Dainik bhaskar.com

How will the bans passenger?
According to Draft Rules, airlines can immediately ban the passenger if found guilty of bad behavior. But such passengers will not be immediately added to the National No-fly list.
The Standing Committee of the airline will decide when the case of misbehavior arrives. Decide in 10 days. Until the decision comes, the concerned passenger will not be allowed to travel in that airline.
In such a standing committee, a retired district or sessions judge, a representative of any other airline and retired officer of the Consumer Forum will be included.
If a passenger misbehaves twice, then he can be banned again in the same way, which has been installed first.