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Petrol And Diesel: 5 Ways To Keep You Safe From Petrol Pump Frauds

Petrol and diesel price hike is always a matter of concern for the majority of the owners. Although, the most vital is to save you from having conned at petrol pumps. Here, we have mentioned five ways any petrol pump can cheat you and will aware you to be safe from any kind of fraud.

Special Care To Give At Petrol Pumps


Shortchanging: Some petrol pumps may set their pumps to dispense less fuel than what the customer is paying for. To avoid this, customers should pay attention to the amount of fuel dispensed and check that it matches the amount they paid for.

False readings: Sometimes, the meter reading may not be accurate, and the pump may show that more fuel has been dispensed than what has been delivered. Customers should double-check the reading by resetting the meter and requesting that the pump be restarted.

Meter tampering: Some pumps may tamper with the meter to show a higher reading than the actual amount of fuel dispensed. Customers should look for any signs of tampering or calibration errors and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Fuel quality: Petrol pumps may sell substandard or adulterated fuel, which can damage the vehicle’s engine and reduce fuel efficiency. Customers should ensure that they are purchasing fuel from a reputable petrol pump and check the quality of the fuel before filling up.

Hidden charges: Some petrol pumps may add hidden charges to the final bill, such as service charges, taxes, and surcharges. Customers should read the fine print and ask for a detailed breakdown of the charges before paying.

Overall, customers should be vigilant and aware of any suspicious activity at pumps. They should also report any suspected cases of fraud to the authorities to protect themselves and other consumers. 

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They should also be a little aware of these types of things and give special care while having your tank filled. 

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