Pari Teaser Out! Anushka Sharma’s Horrifying Look Can Give You Goosebumps

This is not a fairytale


Everyone knows that Anushka sharma is among the most versatile actor of Bollywood. Her Fans have seen her romantic side, revenge side and this time she is going to show you all her evil side. This avatar of Anushka Sharma will leave her fans petrified.

Today the Teaser of Pari starring Anushka Sharma is out and it is of 52 seconds that will leave you in awe.

Pari story is a supernatural horror film in which Anushka is playing a lead role she is also the producer of the film. The film also starring rajat kapoor, and parambrata Chatterjee. It is directed by very well known prosit Roy.

Few days ago Anushka has shared this short video in which she was sitting with a weird expression on her face.

Today she posted “ its time to face your fear

Pari teaser is no less than like Hollywood’s Annabelle or conjuring. If you are waiting from long time for a real horror movie than Pari is definitely the worth watching movie.

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