The Director of ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ has a creepy new movie. Guillermo del Toro’s newest movie is an adult fairytale.

Set in Cold War-era Baltimore, the movie follows the lonely life of Orphan Janitor Eliza. Who is also mute, Remind of you anyone?

She works in a creepy lab that imprisons a strange mermaid-like creature.



That looks a lot like the creature from the Black Lagoon.

But Eliza soon falls in love with him. And must go against her cattle prod-wielding Boss( Michael Shannon).

The whole thing is like a cross between ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Amelie,’and ‘Frankenstein’,which sounds ridiculous.

This creature looks extremely scary:

But if anyone can pull it off, it’s Guillermo del Toro, who also directed ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

We are just wondering if this frog is going to turn into a Prince.