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Pakistan Petrol Price: Highest Price Hike in the History of Pakistan! See Details…

Pakistan is on verge of getting demolished as its financial condition is punctured. The government of Pakistan has once again increased the prices of petrol and diesel. The hike in fuel prices has caused another trouble for the citizens of the nation as the country is already facing an economic crisis. The addition of a petrol price hike in Pakistan will result in an even worse state for the country. Fuel is a daily requirement for the citizens and no one could survive without it. The country has plunged to bits and soon it may not be able to do almost anything on its own.

Pakistan Petrol Price: Highest Hike of Rs 23 in Petrol Prices

Pakistan Petrol Price: The country has gone through several backlashes in the past few years and now they have set a record by increasing the price of petrol by Rs 23. The country will now charge Rs 272 for 1 litre of petrol after the hike. Moreover, the government also increased the price of diesel by Rs 17.20 making it Rs 280 per litre after the increase. The government has also increased the price of kerosene by Rs 12.90 per litre. The new prices will be implemented from 17 February 2023.

Pakistan Petrol Price: Pakistan is dealing with an intense economical crisis and it’s getting harder for the citizens of the nation to survive. The country has increased prices of various other daily usage products:

Product Price
Tomato 130/kg
Rice 200/kg
Flour 120/kg
Milk 210/kg
Potato 70/kg
Chicken 780/kg

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