Watch: Pakistan F-16 shot down, doubts over ‘downing’ of IAF jets

F16 shot down

The big news at this time is from Naushera of Jammu, where Pakistan’s fighter aircraft entered the Indian border and its F-16 aircraft were killed in response to India’s counter-offensive. According to the news agency ANI, the pilot of the Pakistani plane is alive or not, it is not known. According to reports, when the F-16 aircraft was crashing, a parachute was seen coming out.

Pakistan’s F-16 has been killed. India has killed Pakistan aircraft. The plane was shot down in Naushera’s Lam Valley. Pakistani aircraft entered the Indian border within 3 km. Although the pilot is not aware of it, the parachute has been seen coming down.


In response to any kind of response from Pakistan, Indian Air Force is on alert. According to the information so far, the runway of Srinagar airport has been evacuated. All air services departing from Srinagar have been stopped for the time being.

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– The airport has been alerted in Jammu, Leh, Srinagar, Pathankot. Apart from this, big cities were also alerted along with all the borders. It is feared that terrorists can carry out the bigger tragedy.

Pakistan’s claim

Major General Gafoor has claimed that Indian Air force tried to cross the LoC on Wednesday morning. Pakistani fighter jets have killed two Indian aircraft. An aircraft is dropped in the POK. While two have fallen into the Kashmir of India. Gafur has claimed that he has also arrested an Indian pilot