For The First Time In History Oscars prepares to go without host?

Instead of a solo artist, the team of 2019 Academy Awards is planning to recruit multiple celebrities to present different portions of the show


Instead of a solo artist, the team of Oscars 2019 Academy Awards is planning to enroll numerous celebrities to show specific portions of the show, Variety reports.

However, since hardly six weeks are left until the function takes place, the producers of the prominent award show are trying to find A-list celebrities who are eager to host the star-studded night.

This comes days after American actor-comedian Kevin Hart was revealed as the host of the 2019 award ceremony, simply to pull out of the award show later.

 Kevin Hart

The ‘Central Intelligence’ actor walked down from hosting Oscar awards after his tweets from 2009-2011 containing derogatory language resurfaced. Hart, in his tweets, had done degrading comments regarding sexuality.

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Soon after his “Homophobic” tweets went viral, the Academy, presenting a warning to the actor, urged him to deliver an official statement apologizing for his words. Hart, however, rejected to apologize for his early comments and leave the award show.

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