On World Food Day, Here are Breakfasts From All Around The World!

October 16th is celebrated worldwide as World Food Day and I am writing this with an impatient mind and watering mouth! *Just ordered my food*

Food holds a special place in our hearts. Think about it, which crisis didn’t food averted ever? Be it your breakup, academic failure, death of a favourite character, fights with friends, and even existential crisis! Food always blanketed us from these sharp blows!

Junk Fod
Via: New York Post

Although, since every coin has two sides, food is no exception either! And this strucks hard when we see those perfectly manoeuvred bodies of models in magazines and Instagram and look down to our double-chinned bellies! *suppressing a sob*

Anyway, from the time of Hunter-Gatherers it’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. *stop frowning, it was sarcasm*

So, folks, I have brought to you on this World Food Day, different types of breakfasts from all around the world!

1. Iran

Iranian breakfast
Via: Iran Front Page

Iranian breakfast consists of veggies like fresh cucumbers and tomatoes along with fried eggs, creamy yoghurt and filling bread! Now, this is what a balanced breakfast looks like!

2. China

Via: Cooking The Globe

Chinese prefer having a king-size breakfast cooked in a blend of spices, comprising Chinese crullers or oil sticks washed down with warm soy milk, fried turnip cakes and sesame balls. Well, that sounds more like brunch but it’s healthy in the long run!

3. England

English breakfast
Via: Sainsbury’s Recipes

Ah! The quintessential English breakfast- Sausages, baked beans, pancakes with maple syrup, fried eggs and coffee. Could it be any more alluring?

4. Turkey

Via: Food & Wine Magazine

People here keep their first meal of the day rather simple with eggs cooked with vegetables with a generous helping of bread. This could also be a good option for dieting eh?

5. Spain

Spanish breakfast
Via: Milk Life

Just like everything else, the Spanish breakfast is also exotic. They like to eat Crispy tomato toast along with Spanish omelette in their breakfast. Looks like a trip to Spain is calling for!

6. Japan

Japanese breakfast
Via: Serious Eats

Japanese delicacies include Miso soup, grilled fish, fishcakes, Japanese omelette, corn mixed rice. They sure have a generous appetite. No wonder their skin looks so flawless!

7. France

Frecnch breakfast
Via: Flour Me With Love

The classic French breakfast includes baguette ( thin loaf of French bread made from basic bean dough), jam/butter, tea/coffee, juice and pastries, with occasional cereals, honey, milk and yoghurt. Now that is one Instagram-worthy breakfast! *Wink*

So I am sure your mouth must have watered enough to cause a flood by now *Sorry* Now go devour that lip-smacking delicacy which you’ve been postponing for your diet!

After-all today is World Food Day, an un-called cheat day in itself! *Wink*

Happy Eating!



Siddharth Kekre
A passionate content creator by profession, automobile enthusiast by passion and coffee lover by choice.

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