On The 50th Earth Day Here Are Some Fascinating Facts You Missed Out

Each year on 22nd April, earth day is celebrated across the parts of the globe to raise awareness about the threats to the earth’s environment. In many countries, people celebrate earth day by organizing rallies, outdoor activities, and conferences.

Since the last century, earth has been under the forces of pollution, climate change, and the effect of ultraviolet rays. Humans are the only individuals to create harmful effects on the planet. Therefore, to mitigate the harmful effects on earth, Earth Day is celebrated.

If you want to contribute your best to protect our mother earth and are curious about the earth day, then this article is for you. It will aware of the fascinating facts about earth day.

The first Earth day brought 20 million Americans on the street

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The first earth day was celebrated with rallies and demonstrations in the USA in 1970. Individuals from all walks of life, hit the streets to raise their voice against the harm caused by humans on the planet. Various organizations spread their messages with music bands, to draw the attention of people towards the earth.

President of the USA played an important role in environmental conservation

Earth Day
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John f Kennedy, the then president of the USA organized a conservation-based multi-state tour to different parts of America. He raised his voice against the use of nuclear weapons during any kind of aggression.

The first Earth Day was marked on 22nd April 1970

Earth Day
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Earth Day was first celebrated by the senator of USA, Gaylord Nelson. He raised awareness about the harmful pesticides used in agriculture and about the rise of Ultraviolet rays.

The date of first Earth Day was supposed to involve college graduates

Earth Day
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The date of the first earth day was chosen wisely. During the month of April, there is a spring break in the USA. As most of the colleges and schools were closed, many youngsters gathered on the streets to celebrate the earth day.

The issue of climate change was raised in 2000 on Earth Day

Earth Day
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In the year 2000, earth day was organized with the theme of climate change. Many individuals and environmentalists warn the govt. of developed countries to take proactive measures against global warming.

In 2011, Earth Day was more about planting trees than bombs

Earth Day
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In 2011, earth day was celebrated by spreading the message of planting more trees. As a result of this initiative, countries like Afghanistan planted 28 million trees.

2012, brought the idea of using bikes for a clean environment

Earth Day
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In 2012, china celebrated earth day by riding bikes in different parts of the country. More than a lakh people participated in the cycling event. It spread the message of reducing CO2 emissions.

Earth Anthem was introduced by Indian diplomat

Earth Day
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Abhay Kumar, an Indian diplomat honored the earth day by producing anthem. It was translated into many languages like Spanish, French, and Russian.

Oil spill gave way to the concept of Earth Day

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There was an oil spill in the city of California and as a result of it, the senator organized a day to educate the public on environmental issues.

In 1990, Earth Day reached almost every part of the world

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In the year 1990, many countries started adopting the earth day and celebrated in their own way by planting trees or riding a bicycle.

Let’s continue protecting and preserving our safe home. Save Earth, Save Life.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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