OfCom Fined Rs 20 Lakh On Arnab Goswami’s Hindi News Channel In UK

Arnab Goswami has been in the news since the death of Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. His justice campaign for SSR made him worldwide figure but after that Republic TV owner was charged and faced legal consequences by Maharashtra government.

He is again in trouble but this time broadcasting regulator of UK has fined Arnab’s Channel in Britain. Here’s the full story behind this action.

Why UK’s Broadcasting Regulator Fined Arnab?

ofcom fined arnab goswami

UK’s broadcasting regulator, Ofcom has fined Rs 20 lakh on Hindi news channel of Republic TV owner for the spread of hatred against the people of Pakistan. According to Ofcom, the channel has breached the codes and regulations of Ofcom.

The regulatory body has not only fined but also directed not to telecast such program. The action was taken in response to 6th September 2019 episode which Arnab has presented in the show ” Poochta Hai Bharat.”

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In the episode, Pakistani’s people were conveyed as terrorists by the consulting editor of channel, Gaurav Arya. Even the words of guests on the show were spreading hatred against the neighborhood.

Ofcom claims that during the program racist terms were used which is unacceptable.

What Did The Licensee Said?

Licensee of Republic Bharat in UK, Worldview Media Network Limited in response to the Ofcom allegations said the term ” Paki” which is considered as offensive by Ofcom was not said on purpose. It also said that the company had apologized for that 280 times already.

Ofcom said such debates and program spread hatred and are harmful not only for the two countries but also for the Pakistani people living in UK.

This is not the first time when watchdog Ofcom has fined a TV channel. Earlier, Zakir Naik’s Peace TV has faced the fine of 300,000 pounds by Ofcom for the same cause.


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