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Odisha Kids Are Taught That Gandhi Ji Died By An Accident! We’re Equally Excited To Attend That Class!

My eyes have seen and my ears have heard everything that is there to be seen and heard. I might as well become blind and deaf now because my brain’s ability to process the bizarre things going on, is frailing away!

The recent charade took place in Odisha, where a government booklet described Mahatma Gandhi’s death as an “accident”, that he died due to accidental reasons in a sudden sequence of events on January 30, 1948, at Delhi’s Birla House.

Gandhi Ji
Via: The Wire

Seriously? I mean, whose interests are they even protecting? I couldn’t make out head and tail of this very facade, if you did, please let me also know!

Moving on, as soon as the news became public, political leaders and activists started demanding an apology from Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and also immediate measures to correct the blunder made in the book.

Naveen Patnaik
Via: Moneycontrol

How about demanding to probe an investigation into the editor and the publishing house who were responsible for the printing and the content of the book?

Seems a logical step, right? But that’s why they wouldn’t take it no! Because ‘logic’ has left a long while ago (just like my ex) *Suppressing a sob*

Meanwhile, Gandhi Ji watching all this from heaven be like:

Via: giphy
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