Odisha District Sets Up Milk ATM Machine To Reduce The Usage Of Plastic

Berhampur has come up with a Milk ATM to reduce the usage of plastic as it has been a curse to our earth. People are becoming aware of the after-effects of using goods packed in plastic. To overcome this serious issue Odisha has taken an effective step in reducing the usage of milk plastic bags.

Milk ATM
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This step has been taken by Ganjam district in Odisha.  District collector Amruta Kulange came up with the project in collaboration with the Greater Ganjam Gajapati Co-Operative Milk Producers’ Union and Tata Steel Ltd.

Milk ATM
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Our administration was spreading awareness about the harmful effects of one-time disposable plastic items when people questioned the use of milk pouches. After some research, we decided to install milk ATMs to reduce plastic pouch waste generation, Kulange tells The Better India (TBI).

This great initiative has set up machines to sell fortified milk in the containers of the customers. In this way, people can bring containers from their home and get it filled from the milk vending machine.

The machine at Berhampur has a capacity of 500 litres. One litre of milk is sold at Rs 40. The minimum amount of milk that can be taken is 250ml for Rs 10. The ATM tied up with 7,200 dairy farmers through the milk co-operative supply milk.

The Rs 6 lakh milk ATM, financed by Tata group through their CSR funds, was started a little over a month ago near Gate Bazar in Berhampur, Odisha.

Milk ATM
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This step was taken after the ban over plastic was imposed. It is a great initiative taken to reduce the harmful effects of plastic pouches.

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