Not To Miss Facts About Indian Army

Indian Army is the world’s second-largest army with 1,237,117 active military personnel. Isn’t it something to be proud of? Obviously, it is. We owe a lot to our brave soldiers. From the Kargil War to the 2019 Balakot Airstrike, the Indian army has always shed blood for the peace of our country.

Indian Army is not just a word, it is related to a lot of emotions, sometimes happy and sometimes sad but always heart-warming. This Army Day, let us have a look at some lesser-known facts about the Indian Army, which will surely give you goosebumps.blank

  1. Indian Army was founded 125 years ago, on 1st April 1895. It was formed by the East India Company and thus it was called the British Indian Army. In 1942, Mohan Singh, an Indian Military Officer formed the Indian Army with the motive of Service Before Self.blank
  2. The Army has 62 Cantonments in the country. 
  3. According to the Ministry of Defence, Uttar Pradesh sends the highest number of army personnel to the Indian Armed Forces with a percentage of 20.6%.blank
  4. Indian Army controls the world’s Highest Battlefield- Siachen Glacier at 5000 meters above sea level. It is 70 kilometers long and is also considered to be the world’s costliest battlefield with a maintenance cost of Rs. 5 Crores a day. Since 1984, more than 860 soldiers have lost their life at Siachen.blank
  5. In 1982, the Indian Army built the Bailey Bridge which is known to be the highest in the world. It is situated in the Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers of the Himalayas.blank 
  6. There is no caste-based quota system in the Indian Army. Instead, it is known for its unity and peace.
  7. The Indian Naval Academy located in Ezhimala, Kerala is known to be one of the largest Naval Academy in Asia.blank

  8. During the Indo-Pakistan War in 1971, 93000 soldiers and officials of the Pakistan Army surrendered in front of the Indian Army marking victory of India.

Let us all respect and salute our Army for selflessly protecting us. Indian Army is the Real Hero.

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