Not Sure How To Do Cobra Pose? Here Is Step By Step Guide

One of a yoga pose in Sun Salutation, cobra pose is a powerful pose for your back. Those who cannot do upward facing dog can try this as an alternative. Also, one of its alternative form where the arms are bent is also as worthy as cobra pose.

So, you can either perform full cobra or baby cobra depending upon your flexibility. Moreover, one should not be in a hurry to perform it as when done incorrectly can cause pain in the back.

Cobra Pose Or Bhujangasana

Cobra pose resembles to a snake therefore it is also known as Bhujanasana. The pose has many benefits like strengthening your back muscles, arms improve spine mobility and relief in back pain. Further benefits of cobra pose include improved flexibility, improve digestion, stimulation of the abdominal organs, and firm buttocks.

So, here is a step by step for beginners.

cobra pose

Step 1- lie down on the floor facing downwards. Now, put both the hands under your shoulders in such a way that fingers are pointing outside. Your elbows should be close to the body.

Step 2- Now, your feet, thighs, and pubic bone should be firmly pressed down on the ground.

Step 3- Inhale and lift your chest up on the floor.

Step4- The neck should be in a neutral position and look straight.

Step 5- Exhale and come back in the previous position.

Who Should Not Do Cobra Pose?

who should not do cobra pose?

Cobra pose is undoubtedly a worthy pose to relieve back pain and strengthening your back muscles. However, people with carpal tunnel syndrome should not do it.

Also, if you have a back injury then avoid doing this pose. Even if your arm or shoulder is injured than completely avoid it. Pregnant women and those with abdominal surgeries should not do cobra pose.

While doing this yoga pose, if you feel pain in your lower back then take some rest.

Many people commit some common mistakes while doing bhujangasana. Well, one should always keep their shoulders down. To prevent this, ensure that your hands and body are closed.

Furthermore, the curve should be even throughout the pose. Also, ensure that neck is not overextended backward.

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