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Nostradamus’s Top 5 Predictions For 2022 That The World Should Take Seriously

Nostradamus predictions for 2022: Whether you believe in astrology or not, prophecies of the most-famous French astrologer Nostradamus are hard to ignore. From the death of the king of France, the great fire of London, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs to 9/11, he predicted all the major events that turned real.

His future predictions were mentioned in the book Les Propheties. It was published almost 500 years ago and described natural disasters, wars, and much more through poems and quatrains.

New Year has just begun so it would be better to take look back in the book of the past to see the world’s future.

Nostradamus Top 5 Predictions For 2022: Unfolding Future

1. Death Of A Political Figure

nostradamus predictions for 2022

The world has only a few powerful political leaders like India’s PM Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Kim Jong-Un from North Korea, and more. Nostradamus’s words in the book indicate that this year, a prominent leader is going to be removed from the world’s map.

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He had not mentioned the exact date or name, but many assume that it could be British Queen Elizabeth II or someone from the west. At such a time when we need them the most, it is extremely scary to hear this.

2. Global Warming

predictions for 2022

IPCC global climate change report 2021 has already warned the world that it’s high time. We need to act or else the Earth and every living being on this planet will suffer severely now. Nostradamus predictions for 2022 are not different from this report.

There will be earthquakes, tsunami, water scarcity and much will affect us in the upcoming days. The prediction also hints towards the lack of employment and global hunger. These two are not even untouched as the pandemic has already left many unemployed.

Even famous Baba Wanga’s predictions for 2022 are the same in this context.

3. EU Will Collapse

nostradamus predictions for 2022

European Union was formed almost 400 years after the publication of Nostradamus prophecies. So, it was almost hard to believe that he could predict its downfall. And the more unbelievable thing is, he was right about it.

With the exit of Brexit and the UK, the fall of the EU is almost close.

4. Asteroid Striking To Earth

predictions for 2022

What’s more in 2022? Nostradamus predicted that this year an Asteroid will collide with the Earth and will cause deaths in large numbers. This could be true as a Near-Earth Object Survey Centre has estimated that 7482 named asteroid is approaching our planet in 2022.

It will get 0.013 AU closer to Earth at the speed of 47,344 mph on January 18 as per Eastern Time at 4:51 pm. The distance is still long as 1 AU is equal to 149,597,870.7 km.

NASA did not find it as a dangerous one.

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5. Technological Rise

predictions 2022

Nostradamus was not born in the technological era but he predicted that technology will be at its peak in the future. He was absolutely true about the technology related to our senses which would take full control of us.

Not to mention, he must be talking about Artificial Intelligence that is gradually reaching its peak.

How were Nostradamus’s predictions so accurate? This has really left everyone in shock but the good part is that if we take care of these, we can save the world from upcoming disasters.

What’s your take on these predictions for 2022?

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