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Nobody ever dares to set foot on this island abandoned for 76 years

There are many such places in the world, where no one has stepped up to this day. But there are some such places where many people used to live in the past, but for some reasons now there is no one there. One such place is the small island of Gruinard, situated in the Gulf of Grunard, Scotland. People lived on this island for 76 years before today, but no one lives here anymore. Nobody dares to go here …

The Gruinard Island is about 2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. The first mention of this place was made by Dean Munro, who went to visit there in the 16th Century. In his book, Dean Munroe mentioned the Gruinard island’s greenness. But today this island is completely deserted. The population here is zero. Indeed, during the Second World War, Britain tested the toxic gas named Anthrax on this island, due to which it is dangerous to go here.


Anthrax gas is quite dangerous:
  1. This fever comes first when the gas gets in the grip. Shortly after the death of human beings due to internal bleeding.

2. The most dangerous thing about this gas is that its effect remains in some place for many years.

3. Due to anthrax gas, there was a deadly effect on the aquatic life of the island. After many years of testing, no one went to this island.

4. In 1990 this place was declared safe. No Entry Board installed here has been removed but still fewer tourists dare to go to such a poisonous place.

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