Nirmala Sitharaman Ditched The Traditional Briefcase For Desi ‘Bahi-khata’


Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Finance Minister made her way to the President’s Residence on Friday to hand him the budget briefcase. What was unusual was the way she carried the budget. Read below to know why?

Via: DD News

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The legacy of handing the brown briefcase of the budget continued since the British Government times. The first lady finance minister decided to present the budget in her way. She carried the budget covered in a red four folded cloth and created a buzz in the country.

Budget 2019
Via: DD News

However, Some people appreciated her move calling out the ‘Abolition of British slavery’ But few were not so happy as they believed she broke the tradition. The red cloth holds a close association with religious ceremonies hence it was a desi approach to present the country’s budget.

Seeing this Twitter was flooded with comment. Some supported her while some didn’t Take a look:

People reacted differently to this incident making it a much-talked affair. What are your opinions on this uniquely presented Budget 2019?