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On Tuesday, a newborn body was found in a Gutter in Kalyanpur police station area of the district. The police, who reached the spot, took the body out of the gutter and sent it to the PM. It is being told that during the removal of the ball in the nullah, the children would be seen as a carcass. Read on to see what the whole matter is…

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The matter is of Shardanagar area of Kalyanpur Police Station area. It is being told that the children’s ball went into the gutter while playing cricket. When they went to pick up the ball, they saw the legs of a child. Children gave it to parents and locals.

via: dainikbhaskar

The information was given to the police, the police arrived on the spot, got the body of the newborn out of the gutter and sent it to the post-mortem.

via: dainikbhaskar

According to Neha Shukla, a local resident, “The children gave the information about finding a newborn body in the drain, seeing this fetus, and someone threw it here.”

According to Vinay Ojha, Childline Coordinator, “We are running a message through our helpline number that does not kill the newborn in the womb. If we get a newborn baby, we also look after it. By adopting newborn children, it also improves the future of those children, there is a need to create more strict rules in this direction. “