2019 Love Horoscope: Heartbreak Or Romance ? Find What The New Year Has In Store For You


There’s no doubt that 2018  has been heated, energetic, and complex in terms of love. Are you warm up to shut the door on the tornado you just suffered and take everything you accomplished with you into 2019?

Don’t give up hope yet, all you hopeless dreamers. Your love horoscope for 2019 is here and the waves are turning for the better.


love horoscope

Don’t throw your attention to the wind this year. Since your ruling planet Mars (the planet of desire) is in your sign, the year will come out with a lot of emotion, romance, and excitement. The good times may make you careless and perhaps, induce you to take needless risks.

Words of caution: Think before you move when means of the heart are concerned!


love horoscope

Feb and March may hold the promise of a whirlwind romance or maybe, a dramatic affair. Thanks to the stabilizing influences of Saturn, an erotic relationship may turn into a devoted one.

There might be some serious shifts since Uranus, the planet of transformation will enter your sign in the month of March.

As individuals born under this sign don’t welcome change much, there may be some ups and downs in their erotic life in 2019. Be ready for some new opportunities


love horoscope

It shows you will be wrecked for choices in 2019! Thanks to Jupiter, this year might bring in too many exotic and romantic opportunities. 2019 will check your ability to handle prudence and willpower. Curiosity has been your biggest strength and Achilles heels, Gemini.

However Remember, not to get overly moved away by the promise of too many romantic ideas as to how you cross your way through the ocean of romance will figure out how 2019 will turn out as far as love is concerned.


love horoscope

Ah! 2019 might be a year of little adjustments for you as long as love life is concerned. Due to the changes of Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus, the year 2019 might start on a harsh note.

Your patience will be your biggest advantage.

Good news: After the uneasy start, you will start receiving the benefits of your valuable actions of the previous months.

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love horoscope

it looks like you receive what your heart desires the most—attention. as of the positive influences of Jupiter and Mars, your planets of growth and desire, this new year will begin on a high and happy note and you will have a good love life that will be filled with full desire and love.

However, you may experience some hiccups or ca say trouble in the month of Feb and march as your relationship will bear the brunt of clashing egos.  


love horoscope

Virgos year 2019 is the best time to come out from your small nutshell and open your arms to feel funny in your life.

As Virgos are quite shy and restrained especially when it comes to romance, this year will offer you with bulk amount of opportunities to let your hair down to experience desire and love.


love horoscope

This new year will be a year of ‘to be or not be’. Alas, the opposing energies of Saturn and Jupiter will add fuel to your existing dilemmas—your weakness to weigh the merits and demerits of any condition, be it sex or love, will make it tough to take any judgment.

Good news: If you are in a definitive relationship, then months like January, March, and June may open the doors to freedom for you.


love horoscope

It looks like good luck is in your favor especially when it comes to the relationship matter. Credit goes to the Jupiter ( ruling planet) you will be blessed with luck and happiness in your love life.

A piece of advice: Don’t over fatigue yourself in the month of January and July because Mars, the planet of desire, will drive you to go on an overdrive.  


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You never take things related to the means of the heart simply and will constantly value a strong relationship to numerous hot affairs. 

Good news: Your ruling planet, Saturn, is in your favour this year and will teach you to strengthen an affair.

March will bring you some new opportunities to have new experiences. It now rests on upon you how you do the most out of everything.


love horoscope

If you like being in command when in a relationship, This year might make you lose your grip on the reins.

Don’t be frightened if a spouse wants more respect and equal opportunity in a relationship. Try to take up new possibilities and variations in a relationship. Providing a little space to your loved ones may prove valuable for both this year.


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 2019 will be a year of romantic fun for you Aquarians, To start with, the year will be filled with fun and excitement as of the changes of the planets of desire and love— Mars and Venus.

But, some adventures might be risky due to the changes in the ruling planet Uranus. There are few chances of romance. Don’t be shocked if your fidelity is checked this year!


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If you are in a miserable or restrictive relationship, 2019 has some great news for you—due to Jupiter’s change, you will get a way to fight free from a disturbed relationship and get the joy and laughter you deserve from the proper partner.

However, your inclination to slip away from reality might block you from adopting some bitter truth but Saturn’s practical energy will teach you to find the bright this year.