New Normal: Is Hand Sanitizer Bad For Your Skin?

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed our lifestyles. We now have been adopting the new normal. Frequent hand washing and frequent use of hand sanitizer are one of the most crucial lifestyle changes at present.

Hand sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol, a high amount of alcohol, and Triclosan. They are capable to kill the virus but can also have bad effects on the skin. Let’s see what experts said about the effects of hand sanitizers on the skin.

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Effects Of Hand Sanitizer On Skin:


Frequent use of the hand sanitizer makes your skin thin. This results in deeper penetration of harmful rays into the skin. This may also cause pigmentation and ageing of the skin.

Regular use of hand sanitizer can also make the skin around the nails swollen and inflamed. This is not good for the nails and can result in discoloration.

Should We Stop Using A Sanitizer?


We are all wondering that we should use a sanitizer or not? Well, now protecting ourself from the virus is probably more important than beauty considerations. However, it would be best to try to avoid frequent use of sanitizer to minimize damage.

One study shows that washing hands with water and soap for 20 seconds is better and more effective than using a sanitizer. So, avoid using sanitizer unless you have no access to soap and running water.

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Using sunscreen and moisturizing the hands can also prevent your skin from damage. When you wash your hands, don’t forget to moisturised your skin with a glycerin-based moisturiser immediately. If you use hand rub, wait for a minute, and then apply the moisturiser.

Stay hygienic but also look after your hands.

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