Twitter Divides Over Gillette’s New Ad Which Questions ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Gillette new ad

Twitter Divides Over Gillette’s New Ad Which Questions ‘Toxic Masculinity’: The new advertisement for Gillette has been far from what he has promised his customers over the last three decades – ‘The Best a Man Can Gate’.

As a matter of fact, the new advertisement is not about personal hygiene, shaving or beards at all! It shows a minute-and-48 second “We Believe” ad. addresses issues like toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, and #metoo.

The brand took it to Twitter, posted the video and captioned it, “Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at #TheBestMenCanBe.”

It tunes on its own famous tagline and asks, “Is this the best a man can get?”

However, Twitter has mixed reactions on it. While some twitterati

Twitter, however, is divided. While some twitterati slammed the company for its change from traditional perceptions, others have appreciated the move, slamming those who opposed it.

Here’s what Twitter wrote after the video was posted:

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This advertisement was termed ‘hideously woke’by some while others said on Twitter that this is ‘smarmy’ and ‘condescending.’

However, there were people who thought the advertisement was an important step and welcomed the efforts of the makers.

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On the Twitter division, Gillette further wrote, “#TheBestMenCanBe is always evolving, but shaping the men of tomorrow starts with actions we take today.”