Janakpur-Jayanagar railway procurement process begins

Indian railway

Nepal has commenced the procurement process to introduce railway services from Janakpur in Nepal to Jayanagar in India, for which Indian enterprises have been reached.

The Government of Nepal had given a go-ahead for the acquisition process following which the Office of Railways, under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, commenced preparations for the purchase of rails.

“The Department has sent proposals to Indian government companies towards that end, and some of them have responded to the proposals,”

Though the Government of Nepal allocated NRs 500 million for the purchase of two trains for the service, the Department has stated that at least NRs 1.5 billion would be required for the purchase of rails.

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The newly upgraded railway line between Nepal and India would cover a total distance of 35 kilometers in the first phase, for which the trial has already been carried out. The total length of the Bardibas-Janakpur-Jayanagar-Kurtha-Bijayapura is 69 kilometers.