NASA releases interactive book that shows beauty of Earth from space


NASA: If not known, it’s difficult to capture and sort the collection of the extreme beauty of your planet, Earth in a single book.

Still, NASA’s latest interactive book has tried their hands just to do that, giving human beings a look into how the planet looks from the outer space.

Space Agency has released a new 168-page book titled ‘Earth,’ which is a cluster of some of the most beautiful and exciting images captured by Earth-observing satellites.

The book is available in hardcover, e-book, and also available online with interactive features.

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In a total of 69 images, the book covers the beautiful Earth, displaying all the elements of our home planet’s atmosphere with brief explanations of the science behind each image.

You can also download the free e-book version of ‘Earth’ from the official NASA website, while the interactive part is available on NASA’s Earth Observatory website.

If you love physical prints, you can buy the hardcover for USD 53!