Narendra Modi’s First Tweet On Today’s Election Results – Here’s What He Said


Election Results are yet to be declared but the buzz about Modi’s win is already hovering over the internet.  According to the media sources BJP is winning with majority and NDA is getting around 350 seats out of 542. The nation has already started celebrating the triumph of BJP in its own unique way.

Narendra Modi Officially speaks about the election results in his tweet.

 A wave of happiness came when Narendra Modi’ s first tweet came. In his tweet he marked it as the Nation’s victory saying ” Together we grow, Together we prosper. Together we will build a strong and inclusive India. India wins yet again!”

It is not just India that is commemorating the victory. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu had already tweeted and congratulated Modi for his big win again. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also congratulates Modi for winning again.

However, we are still waiting for some opinions and tweets from the opposition as well.