NAPTIP to Rescue 20000 Nigerian Girls Trapped in Mali

Human trafficking

Around 20,000 Nigerian girls have been sold to prostitution rings by human traffickers, authorities have found in Nigeria.

“The new movement is that they (traffickers) told them they were taking them to Malaysia and they turned up themselves in Mali. They informed them they would be serving in five-star restaurants where they would be paid off $700 per month,” Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons’ (NAPTIP) Arinze Osakwe told CNN.

“We brought back 104 girls just from three ramshackle brothels (in Mali), and those were the ones that were even willing to come. They were mostly between the age of 13 and 25, and they had been trapped in the country for many years,” he further stated.

Osakwe defined that there had been a current spike in the number of girls and women trafficked to Mali. “Since then, we have been working with local authorities and receiving reports from the Nigerian embassy in Bamako that the number of Nigerian girls trafficked to Mali has spiked tremendously,” he highlighted.

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The federal agency is carrying out with authorities in Mali, the International Organisation for Migration and the National Emergency Management Department to produce the trafficked women back to Nigeria.

Scores of Nigerians are trafficked every year, out of which, around 97 percent victims are women. At least 77 percent of them have been sexually abused by their traffickers.