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Naaz Patel: Activist Who Raised The Heat On Myntra’s Logo

Everyone have got two windows to see the world called as eyes, but not everyone has same perception. The recent decision of Myntra to change it’s 14 years old logo has proved this statement. Though it was nothing more than a giant orange and purple hued M, until a complaint filed by Naaz Patel at Mumbai Cyber Cell against the e-commerce retailer caused the Myntra logo controversy. 

The complaint was not only confined to the state cyber police but also reached to social media. Since then users started seeing the logo from the eyes of Naaz. And like her, many found it offensive and insulting, forcing Myntra to re-think about the design.

What’s the whole story behind offensive logo and who is Naaz Patel? Read further to know.

Naaz Patel- The Lady Behind Myntra Logo Controversy

Naaz Patel
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Naaz Ekta Patel is a founder of Mumbai-based NGO Avesta Foundation that aims to feed lonely seniors, invest in elderly care, adopt abandoned seniors, provide health care and food facility to people in need. The NGO also rescue girls trapped in sex rackets.

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What’s With The Logo?

Myntra logo controversy
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In an interview, Naaz openly talked about her experience with Myntra saying she loves to shop from its website. However, it was not a good experience when she watched the Myntra ad on TV once.

People beside her mocked at the ad, at first the matter was Latin and Greek for Naaz. Later, she found the meaning behind the mockery, the reason was offensive for women. She took the whole matter to Cyber cell of Mumbai and lodged a complaint demanding the removal of company’s logo.

Naaz’s lawyers claimed it as  ” An act of deliberating using the color scheme and showing the women’s private parts. It would corrupts the viewer’s mind and can cause the victimization of women,” stated the lawyers as per TOI report.

Rashmi Karandikar, DCP of state cyber cell, took the matter seriously after understanding the real concern of Naaz. An email demanding for the immediate removal was sent to the company responding to which company’s official decided to make changes.

Orders have been issued to change the logo on orders and packaging material as well. The fresh logo will appear on the entire Myntra products from next month.

Are Byjus, Gmail, And Other In Queue?

Myntra logo controversy

Naaz also took the whole matter to internet as well. However, not everyone understood her concern and some made fun over the whole controversary.

Few users even called it’s a matter of perception and took the entire Myntra logo controversary as a joke. Following which some users even demanded to change the logo of Doordarshan, Gmail, Lupin, and even Byjus.

Even though it’s about perception but such controversies forced us to look graphics with the glasses of perception. Of course, the graphics are designed with a vision to reflect brand’s identity but few designs become the ground of controversies like Myntra’s logo.


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