Snake is a creature that is called a recluse, then there will be no big deal. We still know very little about snakes. Snooping is also seen in our society in different ways. Even today in our society many confusions and superstitions associated with the snake are going on, the truth is very few people know. Today we will examine the beliefs and superstitions associated with the snakes in this article by scientific discovery.

    Snakes drink milk

    credit: globo

    Our first affiliation with snakes is that snakes drink milk. Even Nag Panch Panchami and on many occasions he also gave him milk. So is this scientific correct? The answer is no, no. According to biology, snakes are completely non-vegetarian creatures, they feed their stomach by eating frogs, rat, birds eggs and other small organisms. Milk is not a nature diet.

    Whenever snakes have to feed the snake, they keep them hungry thirsty. When the milk is brought in front of the hungry thirsty snake, it drinks it but it sometimes becomes the cause of death of snake as many times the milk enters the snuff lungs, which causes it to become pneumonia.

    If you kill a snake, its partner will come after you


    There is such a belief in our society that if a person kills a snake, then the picture of the person killed in a snake’s eyes comes, by which the companion of a snake chases after him and by cutting it, he will replace the revenge of his partner Takes. This is a superstition associated with snoop, which has been used fiercely in our films and films. But if we talk about scientific discovery, then there is only one truth in it.

    Snakes are short-lived creatures. Their brain is not so developed that they can remember any event and take revenge. According to biology, when a snake dies, it leaves a special odor from its anus gate that attracts other snakes of that species. Snorting this smell, other snakes come to the dead snake, which is understood by seeing that other snakes have come to avenge the murder of their dead snake.


    Some snakes are wishful

    credit:Heart Mind & Seoul

    Another popular belief that has been used extensively in our literature and movies is that some snakes are wishful, that is, they change their form according to their wishes and sometimes they also take on the form of human beings. There is also a belief that is completely wrong. According to biology, wishful snakes are just superstitions and blank fantasies of humans, nothing more than that

    Not all snakes lay eggs


    Not so. About 70% of snakes found on Earth are given by snakes, but the remaining 30% of the species are born like humans.